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“They Didn’t Read Me My [Miranda] Rights.” And?

Reading Your Rights To You After Arrest Is Not Required Miranda Is One Of The Best-Known U.S. Supreme Court Case Names “They didn’t read me my [Miranda] rights.” Sometimes Miranda is named; sometimes it’s not.  The Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona is so ingrained in the popular mind many people can actually name it [..]

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Gory, Blood Draw Labor Day Weekend in Corpus Christi

YOU ARE BEING THREATENED BY THE DA The Nueces County District Attorney just threatened YOU in public fashion. The threat? You will be forcibly strapped down or held down by numerous cops, followed by having a “qualified” person forcibly jam a needle in your arm while you struggle, drawing as much blood as law enforcement believes they need.  If [..]

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Invalid Driver Licenses, Part I

Legislators appear enamored with holding driver licenses hostage. When I started as a lawyer, I discovered at least 17 different ways people could lose their licenses. Licenses can be invalidated for not paying child support, non-payment of surcharges, conviction of possession of marijuana and other drugs, driving while license invalid, refusal to provide a breath [..]

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